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November 15th, 2002 · No Comments

Reset the timer to show how long until I see it again. :) Will be
reseting again tomorrow to show how long until I see it again again.
Don’t have time for an extended review at the moment, since I will
shortly be leaving for my next showing, but let me just say a couple of

I. Loved. It.


Much, much, much better than the first.

It kept a lot of Britishisms (Ginny asked where her jumper was, the
password to Dumbledore’s office was “Sherbet Lemon,” etc.), which I

Christian Coulson is creepy.

Lucius Malfoy is COMPLETELY evil. I’ll be more specific later.

There are WAY too many spiders. *shudders*

And the H/H hug was adorable– but the R/H non-hug made me squee. Made
many, many people in the audience squeed, actually.

Stay until the end of the credits. It’s SO worth it.

The costumes were a hit. I’ll try to get my mom to take some pics with
a digital camera tonight and I’ll upload them tomorrow.

I am SO glad I have tickets to see it again.

Oh, and I can’t believe Arabella commented on my blog! WAHOO!

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