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Whee! Christmas!

December 27th, 2005 · 1 Comment

Did you know that Christmas break is seriously one of the best time of the year? It’s not just the good food and the presents and the family– it’s the time off! Three whole weeks, this time. Yay!

The presents were good. I got a new bow for my violin (I used to play the violin, did any of you know that? Ages ago. I was very bad). I want to try to take it up again, but it was in bad shape. The bow had about 4 hairs left on it, and it wasn’t worth re-hairing. The violin looks terrible (have any of you ever read that poem The Touch of the Masters Hand? It’s like that. It sure sounds good, though. Nice and loud– much better than the shiny new one I rented the last year I played in junior high orchestra. Of course, it doesn’t sound all that great with me playing it. It feels like I’ve forgotten more than I knew. Anyway, it’s fun.

I also got Goblet of Fire for Game Boy Advance as well as the GoF soundtrack, lots of new clothes (a skirt, two blouses, two sweaters, some SOX and a pair of trousers), some new yarn and knitting books–The Knitter’s Companion, The Knitting Experience: The Knit Stitch, and a book of patterns for bags, one of which is a cute felted bag I’m going to make to keep my knitting supplies in (yay! knitting is my new passion, methinks), some money (which I used to buy some earrings) and the Deidre LeFay edition of Jane Austen’s letters. As a family we also got Wives and Daughters and Serenity (which we’re watching right now :D).

Today the SiL and I (and probably too) are going to go out shoe shopping. Yesterday we spent all day looking for slightly larger clothes for Amanda– ’cause she’s going to have a baby! *does happy dance* She’s been sick, sick, sick, poor thing. But come July, I’m going to be an aunt!

We’ve got other family news as well. I was putting off posting about this until my sister announced it to everyone she cared about, and by that time it seemed like old news and I could never think of a good way to bring it up– but anyway, my sister is engaged! She’s getting married on February 24 in the Salt Lake Temple. Wedding plans are therefore getting into high gear. Planning weddings is fun. :)

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  • 1 missteece // Apr 20, 2009 at 10:38 am

    I used to play the violin when I was younger, but gave it up much to my mother’s dismay, when I wanted to play outside rather than practice. She said I’d regret it and I have.
    You mentioned the Salt Lake Temple. Are you Mormen? The reason I ask is because I have friends in Texas that are Mormen’s and they were married in the Salt Lake Temple.

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