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November 14th, 2002 · No Comments


How little I knew when I made this
, that I would be proven right so soon!

Thank you, J.K. Rowling! Take a look (and a listen) to this
. The relevant quote? (My own transcription):

“And I’m also aware, as no one else can be, how important it is in the
overall plot of all seven books; I mean, key things happen in book two,
um. . .and no one but, . . .no one knows how important those things
are, yet.”

And no one can ever tell me again that CoS has a simplistic plot, or
that it’s the least of the books. At least, not without getting JKR QUOTAGE
rubbed into their face!


*33 hours 23 minutes until Emily sees CoS*

EDITED to add one more part of the quote, which clarifies why I
look at this quote the way I do: “There’s a lot in there. And I know
how difficult it was to get it all in there without drawing too much
attention to the clues.” And that, I think, is the material
point– the clues are very well hidden. It takes genius to hide clues
like that. Since we’ve had two books since and no explication of said
clues, she’s been able to downplay them even more. We’re probably going
to smack ourselves upside the head when we finally get more canon,
going “why didn’t I see this coming? It was all in Chamber of

*24 hours 50 minutes until Emily sees CoS*

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