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47 hours 55 minutes until

November 13th, 2002 · No Comments

47 hours 55 minutes until I’m sitting in the theatre watching CoS. By
this time Friday, I will already be sitting in the theatre, watching
the previews. *Note: I did not come up with the hourly countdown. That
would be my roommate, the math major. I can’t subtract. :)*
I just realized I never told you my plans for this weekend. First off,
there’s the 9:30 am show in Salt Lake (in costume, of course, 7 people
total attending). Then I have to drive back to Provo for my two classes
that day (in costume, of course). Then back to Salt Lake for the 6:50
pm show (in costume, of course, 14 people total attending). Then it’s
home for a good night’s sleep. Driving back to Provo on Saturday to
attend the Dancesport competition for my Social Dance class. Heading
over to Lavell Edwards Stadium for the BYU/New Mexico game at 4:00.
Leaving said game early (around 7:30) to drive back to Salt Lake for
the 9:10 pm show (in costume, of course, 12 people total attending).
Home for another good night’s sleep. Church in my home ward on Sunday
morning. Probably stick around for dinner as well. Drive back to Provo
late Sunday night.
So for those of you who (like me) can’t count, that makes 3 showings in
2 days. And I’m absolutely positive that’s not the last time I’ll see
it. I still need to take Brother Walker to it, and my grandmother, and.
. .well. Let’s just say that I’m going to try to singlehandedly ensure
that CoS makes every bit as much money as SS. :)

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