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I just finished my wand.

October 18th, 2002 · 1 Comment

I just finished my wand.
Well, not completely. I still have to paint the handle and varnish the
wood, but I’ve got the wood all whittled to a nice point, and the
handle is all sculpted.
It looks AWESOME.
Now I just have to decide what color to do it. What kind of wood would
Penelope Clearwater have? I think I’m leaning toward cherry– or maybe
I’ll have to look at the varnishes to decided for sure.
But it’s so fun to wave it around and say “Wingardium Leviosa!”

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  • 1 Tiffany LeRoux // Dec 3, 2004 at 10:06 am

    Why do you go to all that trouble to make your uniform when you can find bits and pieces of it on the internet; What you can’t find just find a Seamstress to make for you, I am currently doing that and it’s so easy, and simple. I had her to make my robe, once I get the sweater off the internet I will take the robe and sweater to the embroidery shop and have the House Insignia (taken from CoS DVD cover) put on both. I have found the tie, and scarf on the internet, and I am currently looking for the pleated skirt. If unable to find the skirt on the internet then I will have my Seamstress to make that too. You can also find wands on the internet! Web-sites you can try are “HP Wizard Store” for the Sweaters, wands, they don’t have the Gryffindor scarves, ties. You can also go to “Order of Merlin” and you can find the scarves, ties, wands and broomsticks. Pull out you CoS DVD and place in color enlarger Select “better quality” and “fit to page” once that comes out Tear or cut out the little picture of the Gryffindor Insignia and put in the color enlarger one more time and select “better quality” then “fit to page” that will make the House Insignia actual size like on the robes.

    Don’t ask Warner Bros. to send you a picture of the House Insignia they won’t do it.

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