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Well, since Rebecca and Teri

October 17th, 2002 · No Comments

Well, since Rebecca and Teri have both posted their lists, I figure it’s finally time for me to post mine. So here it is:

100 Things about Emily

1. I’m 22.
2. Which means I’m divisible by 11.
3. 2002 is also divisible by 11 (182 times).
4. Which means that when my birthday makes me divisible by 11, the year is also divisible by 11.
5. My great-grandmother turned 99 this year, which means she shares this odd factoid with me.
6. She’s the only great-grandparent I have left.
7. All four of my grandparents are still around, though.
8. I love my grandparents.
9. In fact, I’m very close to all my extended family.
10. Almost all of us live here in Utah, so we get together often.
11. Family is very important to me.
12. Which is probably why I live with my sisters.
13. I have other roommates, of course.
14. My in-room roommate, Jen, and I have been best friends for seven years.
15. Which is a very long time for me to have a best friend.
16. All my other best friends before her moved away after about a year.
17. Jen and I have a lot in common.
18. But we are very different, too.
19. For instance, I’m an English major.
20. Jen’s majoring in Math Education.
21. I dislike math.
22. I haven’t taken it since I was 17.
23. But Square 1 TV was one of my favorite shows as a kid.
24. Figure that one out.
25. Jen and I met in junior–high orchestra.
26. We both played the violin.
27. Neither one of us do that anymore.
28. Instead, we joined the choir in high school.
29. I love to sing.
30. But I’m not especially good at it.
31. Oh, I can carry a tune and all.
32. But I’m not a soloist.
33. Therefore, I love to sing in choirs.
34. Officially, I’m a soprano.
35. But I usually sing alto.
36. Because I can also sing really low, and there aren’t enough altos in the world.
37. My senior year I tried out for our A Cappella choir as a first soprano.
38. I made it as a second alto.
39. I actually don’t mind all that much.
40. My other best friend, Nicole, is also an alto.
41. We met in 8th grade science class.
42. Nicole and I have a lot in common.
43. But we are also very different.
44. For instance, she had about a million boyfriends in high school, and got married at 19.
45. I have never had a boyfriend.
46. But I haven’t given up hope yet.
47. After all, I do live in Provo and attend BYU.
48. BYU’s unofficial motto is “Ring by spring or your money back!”
49. I wish they really did give tuition refunds if you’re not married by graduation.
50. Because then I would get a lot of money back in April.
51. My emphasis in the English major is Editing and Publication.
52. But I don’t know if that’s really what I want to do with my life.
53. Right now I’m considering getting a Masters of Library Science.
54. I’d like to work in a public library as a Children’s librarian.
55. Children’s books are my favorites.
56. Which explains a lot, really.
57. Especially my obsession with Harry Potter.
58. I’ve read them all at least 15 times.
59. I tend to read books I like over and over again.
60. I think I’ve read Pride and Prejudice at least 150 times.
61. I love to read.
62. It’s all my brother’s fault.
63. He taught me to read when I was four.
64. I haven’t ever stopped.
65. Which is why I’m an English major.
66. I collect stuffed animals.
67. Lately I’ve been naming them after Harry Potter characters.
68. Lately I’ve been naming everything after Harry Potter characters.
69. I named a Ponderosa
tree “Ron.”
70. I haven’t visited Ron lately.
71. But I’m going up there tonight, so maybe I’ll stop and give him a sniff.
72. I took a tap dancing class last year.
73. I wasn’t very good at it.
74. But I had a blast.
75. I now know how to do the Shim Sham.
76. And the Time Step.
77. This semester I’m taking Social Dance.
78. So far we’ve learned the Foxtrot and the Cha-Cha.
79. We’ve just begun Waltz.
80. I’m having a great time.
81. Although some of the guys in my class aren’t very good dancers.
82. Unfortunately, these guys are the ones I usually end up dancing with.
83. The guys in my class are almost all younger than me.
84. This makes dating them rather difficult.
85. Not that I’m against dating younger men.
86. The guy that I like is younger than me, actually.
87. But all these guys are pre-mission, which means they won’t even be available for two more years.
88. It also means they are immature.
89. I think I was born old.
90. I’ve always been more mature than my peers.
91. This has often caused me to be a social outcast.
92. Another reason why I read a lot.
93. I tend to remember completely meaningless things.
94. Which is why no one will play Harry Potter Trivia with me.
95. Because I know that in HPSS Hagrid had a crossbow and a pair of Wellington boots outside his hut.
96. Stupid thing to remember, really.
97. Jen calls me a walking encylopedia.
98. I don’t usually like to talk about myself.
100. But I think I could easily write 100 more things.

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