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I am very tired this

October 21st, 2002 · No Comments

I am very tired this morning, mostly owing to the fact that I was up
late working on my tie. It’s going to look awesome when it’s done. I’m
getting more and more excited. Hopefully after Halloween I’ll be able
to finally move my blog over to my brother’s server (it’s just a
question of time, and deciding on my domain name), and I should be able
to post some pics soon.
Whenever I mention being up too late, or being tired, or anything of
that sort, my roommate has taken to saying “No more Harry Potter!”
Ostensibly, this is because I’ve been reading Chamber of Secrets
before I go to bed. I haven’t made very much progress so far, because I
keep falling asleep. So the idea that Harry’s to blame for me staying
up late falls apart– until you realize what’s made me stay up late before
I get into bed and start reading CoS. Now there, she has a point. I’m
playing around on the internet– usually visiting Sugar Quill or looking for news
at the Leaky Cauldron,
or reading everyone’s blogs, or working on my own (and since I met
everyone in the SSHPF,
and they gave me the idea to start a blog, even blogging is
Harry-related), or chatting with RJA or Teri, who of course are
fanfic people. And you know, the more I thought about it, the more I
realized that HP is taking over my life.
I love it. :)
And of course, I am free to ignore Jen when she says “no more Harry
Potter!”, ’cause she was up just as late last night sewing the gold and
red strips together for her Gryffindor tie. :) Plus she played Gnome
Toss (which is actually a really fun card game) and Chamber of Secrets
Trivia with as much gusto as myself and my sisters. CoS Trivia is
really fun, BTW. Rather than using the Trivial Pursuit model this time
around, they’ve set it up like a Quidditch game– you’ve got Chasers
and Keepers and Beaters and Seekers, and you have to have the Quaffle
in order to score, and ostensibly you can catch the Snitch but still
not win the game, because it’s worth 150 pts., etc. The questions are
pretty easy, though, especially with the multiple choice. I didn’t miss
any of them– I even got the wording right on the “what does the Heir
of Slytherin write on the wall about Ginny?” question (and her
skeleton will lie in the Chamber forever
), and knew what D. J. Prod
of Didsbury said he turned his wife into in the Kwikspell course (a
yak). Hopefully I’ll get to play this one more, because while no one
wants to play against me, this one has teams, and everyone wants me on
their team. :) Anyway, Jen’s almost as much of an HP nut as I am, so
she’s got nothing to say in the matter.
So as I was reading CoS last night, I’d just gotten to where Nearly
Headless Nick invites Harry to the Deathday party, which is on
Halloween. Now, I’ve just recently put the two facts together, that
since Lily and James died on Halloween, and so did Nearly Headless
Nick, they share the same deathday (I knew the two facts seperately, of
course). I started to wonder when Harry was going to remember that his
parents died on Halloween and start observing it. Then I remembered
that Interesting Things always happen on Halloween. I mentioned this to
Jen, and she couldn’t remember what had happened in Prisoner of
on Halloween. I reminded her of Sirius’ attempt to enter
Gryffindor Tower and his subsequent attack on the Fat Lady– and I
started thinking. What if Sirius picked that day to attack Peter for
more than just the reason given in the book (that everyone would be at
the feast, so he could get into the tower)? What if he decided to get
his revenge on Peter on the very day that, twelve years earlier,
Pettigrew had betrayed his best friends? And then it happened–
Plot bunny.
The day after the SQ fanfic
entries were due, I might add. Oh, well. I’m still
going to write it. It’s taken this long for me to get a plot bunny, I’m
not going to let it go to waste. :)

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