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February 24th, 2004 · No Comments

I finished chapter 1 of Albus!

*does happy fic-writing dance*

It’s still an early draft– I must go back and fiddle with the dialogue. It still sounds too modern. Maybe I’ll rewrite the whole thing in Austenian. :P Oh, and I need a title for the story. And a definite plot. But hey, I’ve got a villain, and the names of all the teachers at Hogwarts, and a Dumbledore family tree, and a completed first chapter! It’s happening, baby!

On the job front, I haven’t heard from BYU yet, which is rather unexpected. But in the meantime , who seems to have appointed herself my personal employment specialist (thank you, Kate!), forwarded me an email about yet another job at WGU. This one is different from the other two I applied for. The Associate Recruiter was a part-time entry-level phone position, the kind of thing I did straight out of high school. I was dismally over-qualified for it. I also applied for a full-time receptionist position, but since I’m hoping to go back to grad school in the fall, they didn’t want to hire me only to have to hire someone else in August, which I can completely understand. This job, however, is a full-time temporary position, lasting for 5 months– which would almost exactly coincide with my going back to school in the fall. It’s as a Test Development Specialist. An associates degree is required, a BA in English or Journalism preferred. The job would even be practically in my field, as it involves writing and proofreading.

In other words, for once my qualifications and the job specifications match up beautifully. This would be the perfect job for me. I revised my resume to emphasize my editing, writing, and proofreading skills rather than my cashiering and customer service skills, drafted a lovely cover letter, and sent it off last night to the head of Human Resources. Everyone cross your fingers for me!

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