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Harry’s Revenge

February 23rd, 2004 · No Comments

That’ll teach me to use Ginny almost exclusively.

You see, while I have both a desktop (Harry) and a laptop (Ginny), I almost always use my laptop these days. I can use it upstairs with the rest of my family, where it’s warm. Harry’s in my room in the basement where it’s COLD. And besides, my desk chair is uncomfortable.

However, I’ve got my mail setting such that when I download new mail onto Ginny, it leaves the message on the server so that I can save it permanently on Harry. That way I’ve got a copy of all my important e-mails in one place.

But since I haven’t turned on Harry in, oh, a month, they’ve gotten a bit built up.

I wondered why I wasn’t getting any e-mail at all today. That’s unusual, that is. I realized that it’d been a while since I downloaded them all on to Harry.

I had 924 messages. :O

So, if any of you tried to e-mail me today and the message bounced, I’m sorry. I’ve cleared it out now, so everything should be back to normal. And I promise to download my messages more regularly in future.

Hmm. Maybe I will change my settings to “delete message on server when it is deleted on computer.” All those LJ comments really build up. :P

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