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December 17th, 2004 · No Comments

The semester is OVER!! I have officially finished my first semester of graduate school.


Now, to survive next semester. . .

I wish I could skive off everything over break, but unfortunately, it’s not in the cards. I need to work as much as possible, because I need to pay for tuition and a heckuvalot of books next semester. Oh, and then there’s my credit card payment that’s due at the same time. And rent. I have enough in my bank account to pay for tuition itself, but just barely. Luckily, I’m getting a decent paycheck this week, and will be able to work 32 hours next week and at least a couple of days at least between Christmas and New Years, and my parents owe me $300, so I should be able to cover everything if I’m careful, and put all of Christmas on my credit card.

Oy. I wish money didn’t exist.

I between working, I also need to help as much as possbile with the wedding. It’s less than a month from now! o.O. I’m going with my future sister-in-law to help pick out the cake today, in fact. So that’ll be fun. :)

Tonight’s the Johnson family Christmas party, so I get presents! Presents are always good.

Oh, and today’s Dilbert? Priceless. And extremely appropriate, in my case. :P

Back to scratching out a meager living in a frustrating working environment. . .

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