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December 13th, 2004 · No Comments

Final of Doom: Finished.


Yup, folks, I have just pulled my first official all-nighter. This is counting HP releases, incidentally, since after OotP I went to sleep at 7:30 and got up at 11:00, and the Midterm of Doom, because I got about 3 hours of sleep then. I’m quite proud of myself, as I did it on minimal caffeine (I had a small glass of Diet Pepsi round about 2:30 am). One small snafu, however. I had finally finished up and taken my shower. It was 6:50. I had to leave by 7:15 to make it to the final on time. Takes about 15 minutes to dry hair and get out door. So, I did what I’ve done almost every morning for the past 11 years– I went back to bed for a bit. Just to close my eyes for 5 minutes.

When I woke up, it was 7:30. (I do not count this short nap as negating my first all-nighter. If it was a 2-hour nap, maybe. But 35 minutes doesn’t count.)

So yeah, I ended up leaving here about the time I had planned on rolling into the (mostly empty!) graduate parking lot.


Luckily, even though Professor Muhlestein gives Scary Exams of Doom, he is actually pretty fair, so when I walked in half an hour late looking absolutely panic-stricken, he asked the class if it was okay with them if I got a little bit of extra time to do my exam since I got there late (so I ended up with the same amount of time as they’d gotten, not that I got more than they did). Luckily, they all said “sure” (“You’d do the same for us,” was one of my classmates comments, and it’s true, I would), so I managed to finish the test relatively panic free (although my typo ratio was waaaay up the first few minutes as I tried to keep my hands from shaking :P). So I made it through feminist critiques on the literary canon, Chodorow’s theories of early childhood gender development, and Gilligan’s model for how women make moral choices pretty well, I think. Although that remains to be seen.

I’m back home now. Taking a nap would be useless, as naps always make me groggier. My original plan was to go into work after taking the test, on the assumption that I would have had a decent night’s sleep before and therefore could study for my other final after my work Christmas party tonight. Now, I’ve got a change of plans. I’m going to study *now*, so when I get home from said party I can go straight to bed and get a nice, at-least-12-hour sleep. When I feel I’ve crammed enough 18th-century literature into my head, I’ll stop and get something for the gift exchange (I’m thinking a pound of See’s chocolates would be good) and maybe some Vanilla Coke, go to work, and then go straight to the Christmas party *from* work. A good plan, I think.

So, studying. Bye.

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