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My weekend as a bulleted list

May 10th, 2004 · 1 Comment

  • Was so incredibly bored Friday night that I bought a Game Boy Advance SP. Spent much of weekend playing Chamber of Secrets. Must get Quidditch World Cup.
  • Went shopping with Jeb on Saturday. Helped her enter the 21st century as she bought a new cell phone. I bought new jeans to replace ones I tore jumping over fence at Primary activity two weeks ago, as well as 2 t-shirts. I love Old Navy. Also bought Mothers Day stuff.
  • Saturday night babysat best friend’s 3-year-old daughter. Was very much fun. Rosie is a doll. Has very cute habit of saying “Oh. My. Dosh.” Can’t say her G’s, apparently. :D Gave her the kids size small Gryffindor robe I had laying around. She was very much excited. Is also excited at prospect of meeting Dobby at Wahleecon. Didn’t have heart to tell her it’s only a statue. :P
  • Know Dobby is coming to Wahleecon because got e-mail from Lou with her flight plans! Whoot!
  • Baked yummy apple pie on Mothers Day. Am glad I can cook.
  • Went Grandma-hopping on Mothers Day. Very fun, but meant we had to record HP&tSS. Family very strange– sang Broadway tunes A Cappella out-of-tune very loudly whole way home. Hilarious.
  • Loved, loved, LOVED PoA preview which we watched when I got home. Had to rewind R/H part ’cause I squeed so loudly. Am much encouraged, Ron-wise. Am also slightly less worried about Lupin. Can’t wait for Wahleecon.
  • Had more ticket requests for Wahleecon. Am now up to 115 tickets for midnight show, 75 for matinee. :D
  • Had to skip=120 to catch up with LJ flist after weekend. Whew!

I think that takes care of everything. Now, must work. If this project isn’t done by Wahleecon, I don’t get to come! In an effort to keep myself on task, I’m not going to be on IM at work anymore, and have reset my Semagic notification to 5 entries instead of 1. Must. Work. Hard.

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  • 1 Amie Gallen // Feb 23, 2006 at 6:23 pm

    Hey, I was looking up lyrics for a song that was on The Modern Day Pride and Prejudice and noticed that a lyric from the song I’m looking for is #12 under a meme and gg squeage or whatever it’s called. Do you think you could contact me with the artist and/or song title? I’m dying to know the song, well thanks! ttfn. email is

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