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March 30th, 2004 · No Comments

‘Cause I haven’t really written a lot about my life lately. I was going to write yesterday and tell you all about my Orlando Bloom dream, but it didn’t worx out. :P

I’ve been happily busy lately. Kate has decided to buy a townhouse, and wants me and Jen to move in with her. Whoot! So Kate and I went house hunting on Saturday. We found the area we’d like to live in, and Kate’s now looking at just which townhouse she’d like. Apparently she found one last night with a lovely deck and view of the valley, and they’re throwing in the fridge and washer and dryer, which would be great. I’ll keep you posted.

Also on Saturday, I was chatting with Angua about various things in the HPverse, and I got a great idea for an essay which I’ve been working on lately. The title is “How to Get Harry Potter to Talk to You (And Make Him Listen to What You Say).” It’s actually quite illuminating. Look for it on a computer screen near you in the near future. :D

In working on the essay, I’ve brought Ginny with me to work both yesterday and today. Her main function, however, has been a very large and expensive mp3 player, as I’ve been listening to my iTunes library. Yesterday I plugged her into an empty ethernet outlet, but it was entirely too distracting to know *exactly* when I got new mail and when my friends page updated. I didn’t even think about logging into Y!M, as I would have gotten no work done whatsoever. Today I left my cable at home, so as not to be tempted. :P

One of the things I’ve been listening to the most is the RotK soundtrax. I did end up seeing it again on Friday night, and it was as wonderful as the first two times. I am way behind in seeing that movie. It’ll be in the dollar theatres soon– it was only playing in 3 theatres in the valley on Friday– so I can make up for lost time cheaply. :D I would just like to categorically state, though, that Peter Jackson is an absolute genius. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more nearly-perfect adaptation of a book. I want it to come out on DVD so I can have a trilogy party.

So remember when I told you about the big projet we’ll be doing soon? I just got assigned to the committee. o.O. A week-long workshop. Yikes.

Oh. My Orlando Bloom dream. It was a very good dream. He and a bunch of other celebrities were at my house for a party (although I can’t remember who the other celebrities were, and frankly, it doesn’t matter). At first I was kind of playing the crowd, hanging around outside, but eventually Orlando got tired, and he asked me if I wanted to go into the family room, where a bunch of people were watching a movie. Of course I said yes. :P We sat down and discovered that it was, in fact, PotC that they were watching. :P In my dream, Orlando has this Thing about watching himself. But he didn’t want to get up and leave, ’cause we’d just gotten there, and it would seem rude. So instead he held my hand and kind of squeezed it every time he came on screen. There was a bit of cuddling involved as well. :D It was a very, very good dream.

BAX to WORX now. *sigh*

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