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February 21st, 2004 · No Comments

We’re watching a BYU basketball game (vs. New Mexico), and we’re playing at home. The Marriot Center is known for its very vocal fans. For instance, one of the New Mexico players threw an airball at the beginning of the game, and ever since then the fans chant “airball!” every time he gets the ball. My favorite, though, is when a player for the other team fouls out the crowd calls out their steps off the court: “Right! Left! Right! Left! Right!” It’s highly amusing.

While I’ve been watching I pulled out my knitting needles and reminded myself how to purl. I’ve got casting on and knitting down pat, but purling is my most recently learned skill, and I’m still kind of iffy on it. I must master it, so I can buy a circular needle and start on my Ravenclaw scarf. I want to have a new one done by . My current one is crocheted rather than knitted, and it’s nice– but it’s also about 10 ft long. Rather annoying, as a matter of fact. I want one that’s slightly more authentic-looking.

I finished Murder Must Advertise today, and found it highly amusing. I read it a bit out of order, unfortunately, but it didn’t reveal anything I hadn’t already guessed, so no real biggie. I’m going to read Unnatural Death next, though, so I’ll be back on track chronology-wise.

Thanks to all of you for your responses to my little essay yesterday. They were all nice and polite, which is always a nice thing. :D

Rachel will be pleased to know that I *did* manage to get a few more paragraphs of Albus written last night. I’m hoping the leisure of Sunday afternoon will give me the jump-start I need to finish the chapter. If any of you see my muse around, put in a good word for me, will ya? :P

Am slightly offended that with all of Angua’s extensive memory-izing in her recent redesign, there is still no category for “Wahlee_98’s genius.”

Oh, and a PSA: If you are coming to Wahleecon, I neither desire nor expect any birthday presents. I know for a fact that has already ignored this declaration, but I am being completely serious here, folks. Your presence is more than enough, especially as a lot of you are scrimping and saving to be able to afford the trip in the first place. You guys got it? Good.

Back to knitting.

ETA: They just did the “Left! Right! Left! Right” thing. :D

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