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January 27th, 2004 · 1 Comment

Thanks to everyone who gave me support on my last post. This will not be a serious philosophical post. Sorry to disappoint you all. ;) I don’t have time at the moment– got to get this editing done!

Instead, there’s the Visited States Map:

create your own visited states map

and the RotK character quiz:



If I were a character in The Return of the King, I would be Eowyn, a Woman of Rohan and niece of King Theoden and sister of Eomer.

In the movie, I am played by Miranda Otto.

Who would you be?
The Return of the King Test with Perseus Web Survey Software

And various squeeing about Oscar nominations! Hooray for RotK– 11 nominations! And Johnny Depp! *does happy pirate dance* And Pirates got 4 nominations in all! Am upset about no acting nominations for RotK, though. :( If only they had a category for “best ensemble cast” they’d win it for sure.

Actually, not entirely meaningless drivel. Yes, there’s something wrong with my comments on here. If you try to post a comment and it says “bit-of-ivoryhttp could not be found” or something similar, DO NOT resubmit your comment! The comment went through– it’s just the reloading *after* the comment that’s weird. We’re working on it.

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    testing 1 2 3

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