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Oh, my HECK!!!!

February 25th, 2003 · 1 Comment

If you don’t watch Gilmore Girls or Smallville, the post below will mean nothing to you. If you do watch them and haven’t seen tonight’s episodes, don’t click on the link until you have. ‘Cause there’s major spoilers ahead.

Oh, I can say one thing. The WB needs to hire new preview people. Their previews are not only misleading, they downright LIE.


Gilmore Girls first, then Smallville.

I feel SOO sorry for Paris. Really, I do. It’s not fair that she didn’t get into Harvard. I wish she hadn’t slept with Jamie, though. I wish no one would ever sleep with anyone outside of marriage. But at least it wasn’t Rory. As Lorelai said, she’s the good kid. Rory’s not going to sleep with Jess. At least, not in the near future. Their relationship isn’t on that kind of level right now. I hope it never will be, personally. I hate Jess. Give me Cute!Dean anytime. :)

Max coming back was. . .interesting. I like Max. More than Alex, at least. Not that we really know all that much about Alex. But my guess is that the reason we don’t know much about him is because there’s not much to know. I mean, if they can’t even spend enough time to let us get to know him, he must be boring. Or dispensable. One of the two. So, this thing with Max is good.

But Lorelai belongs with Luke.

Richard was hilarious in this episode. We’ve seen so little of him lately that it was nice to have him without Emily. I hate that he’s gone so much. It can’t be good for Emily and Richard’s marriage.

But, oh, yeah. Harvard. I think I know why Paris didn’t make it into Harvard. Because Rory’s going to go to Yale. So Paris needs to go to Yale, too. Because they can’t exactly get rid of all of the characters next year. Jess is getting a spin-off, I’ve seen that Dean is leaving, etc. They need some carry over. So both Paris and Rory need to go to Yale.

Now, Smallville.

That was a great episode. Fan-freaking-tastic. Christopher Reeve was awesome—it was so great to see him back on screen (in something other than a horrible remake of Rear Window. So much happened in this episode, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Let’s take care of the minor characters first, I guess. I like that Chloe and Lana have patched things up. But dude, I hate love triangles. They hurt. That’s why I don’t want to see it happen in Harry Potter. The last thing that kid needs is to have his friendships ripped apart by a love triangle.

Back to Smallville. Hmm. Well, as soon as we saw that annoying archeologist pick up the octagonal disk, we knew he was toast. And we were right, weren’t we? Lex is getting eviler, though. He seems much more willing to use Clark than he used to be. I guess it’s expected. He is Lex Luthor, after all.

But the big thing is Clark. Of course. :) I liked the opening scene, with him flying, even if it was just a dream. I hope the writers have changed their mind about not having any flying in Smallville. He needs to fly, you know?

We got a little glimpse of super hearing, though. The disk called to him from miles away, and only he could hear it. Super hearing is just around the corner.

I like how putting the disk in the wall “downloaded” the Kryptonian language into him. That was very cool.

And the scene with Christopher Reeve was wonderful. Clark now knows his real name and the name of his home planet. It was great to hear Christopher Reeve call Clark Kal-El. It was even greater to hear the John Williams Superman theme as they went to commercial. I’m telling you, I jumped up and down. It’s the first time they’ve really acknowledged any of the other Superman incarnations. Then we got it again after Clark opened the ship.

The ship. That message from Jor-El (although we didn’t learn that particular fact yet, just that it was from his father) is ver interesting. “On this third planet from this star, so you will be a god among men. They are a flawed race; with strength you will rule them, my son, that is where your greatness lies.” Hmm. Would Jor-El really have said that? Of course, we know it can be intrepreted in a completely different way, but if I’d just read that, I think I’d be with Clark– “What kind of a planet am I from?”

Anyway, great episode. Lots of great character development, lots of important stuff. I’d definitely say it’s the best so far. I’m so glad they’ve gotten away from the Monster of the Week formula. This is what Smallville should have been all along.

Now all we need is to have Dean Cain make a guest appearance, and it’ll be perfect. :)

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  • 1 dave // Feb 26, 2003 at 8:57 am

    Thinking about it later, I even believe they showed a scene with Jess in the preview that wasn’t in the episode at all, was it? Misleading is an understatement. It is about the worst case I’ve ever seen!

    I like your theory of both Rory and Pairs going to Yale. Jess can disappear forever as far as I’m concerned!

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