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January 7th, 2003 · 4 Comments

I’m not in the Austen class. There were several people ahead of me on the adding priority list. The teacher was able to add 3 people, and there was the possibility of a couple more being added. I’m still slightly hopeful, and I’m definitely prayerful. It turns out I need this class more than I thought– I forgot that I’m re-taking my Pearl of Great Price class, so it won’t count toward my final hours– and I need 9 credits to graduate, and am currently only registered for 9. So I need to add at least 2 more hours, or I won’t be able to graduate in April as originally planned. And I really want this class.

We all introduced ourselves, and our teacher asked us to mention what Austen books we’ve read, which of the movie adaptations we’ve seen, what introduced us to Austen, etc. When I did my spiel several people laughed. I don’t think they’ve seen anyone quite as obsessed as me. I’m definitely one of the Janeitiest Janeites I’ve seen. I didn’t tell them that my obsession with Austen is exceeded only by my obsession with Harry Potter. I think that would have scared them off.

In any case, my World Dance class is going to be a blast. We already learned two dances, and the other ones that are listed look really fun. Floral Design is also going to be wonderful. Whenever our teacher does a demonstration, she’s going to do a drawing for the arrangement, and we get to keep our own arrangements from the labs as well. We even get to learn how to do buttoniers and corsages, which will be wonderful when I have teenage daughters and sons going to dances.

Oh, and Elizabeth– the book is by our teacher, and there will be tests on the specific chapters, so I can’t really get away without having one available. But I really am only paying $53.50 for the book, ’cause my roomie and I are sharing it. So that’s not so bad. But I’d still love all your notes and stuff. :)

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  • 1 Teri // Jan 8, 2003 at 8:47 am

    I really hope you get the class, Emily — if the teacher ignores your spiel, s/he’s insane. :)

    What class are you considering if you’re unable to get into the Austen one?

  • 2 Emily // Jan 8, 2003 at 12:33 pm

    If I can’t get into the Austen class, I will probably take The English Novel by independent study. Unfortunately, none of the classes I would be interested in taking will fit into my current schedule, so independent study is my best bet. I’d have to really buckle down and do it, however, since the deadiline for submitting IS grades for graduation is March 21. Knowing me, I’ll wait until the last minute, and I won’t get it done, etc. So I really want to taket he class. You know?

    As for the teacher adding me, he’s completely okay with me coming to class without getting credit for it, but won’t add me unless there’s a space. How strange is that?

  • 3 Teri // Jan 8, 2003 at 1:58 pm

    What a dork. That’s ridiculous; the whole point of limiting space in class is so the actual number of *bodies* present in the room is kept to a manageable number… maybe you can convince him just to add you? I mean, you have a strong argument for it, space or no space, if he’s willing to let you be there anyway.

  • 4 Leslie // Jan 8, 2003 at 7:08 pm

    Space limit probably has something to do with salary and grading papers. I believe they will not recieve any extra money for having another person over the limit and it’ll mean extra papers to grade. I personally think the teacher would be insane not to want you in thier class.

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