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Wiping the tears from my eyes. . .

December 8th, 2002 · 1 Comment

After reading Albus Dumbledore’s Inbox. My absolute favorite message so far?

From: Madame Hooch []
To: Prof. Albus Dumbledore [], Professor Snape [], Professor McGonagall [], Professor Sprout [], Professor Flitwick [], Professor Sinistra [], Professor Vector [], Hagrid [], Madame Pomfrey [], Professor Lupin [], Professor Moody [], Professor Trelawney [], Madame Pince [], Dobby []
Subject: Top ten things you should never say to Sev-kins

You asked for it Severus.

10. Hey Professor! Great job on saving Harry Potter’s life!

9. How exactly do you bottle fame?

8. Wasn’t it a surprise about Sirius Black? He was such a sweet boy.

7. Remember you owe your life to James Potter.

6. I really think that Professor Lupin is a wonderful Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. No one could do better than him!

5. Brighten up a little, Severus. There’s more to life than potions and being miserable (thanks Remus).

4. Would you like a hug?

3. I don’t think you’re brave enough to give me a *proper* detention

2. I was wondering if you could give Neville Longbottom extra tuition.

1. Aw, Sevvie-kins looks upset. Yes you do! Does Sevvie-wevvie want to tell Auntie Hoochie what the matter is?


Oh. Oh. Must. Breathe. Must. Stop. Laughing.


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  • 1 wolf550e // Dec 9, 2002 at 4:28 am

    Somewhat reminds me of Trisha and Katie’s work, but this one is actually funny.

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