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Well, after much throwing things,

October 31st, 2002 · No Comments

Well, after much throwing things, kicking, screaming and yelling, the
costumes are done. We wore them to the Halloween party last night. Let
me tell you, we were shafted. We didn’t win Best Costume. Instead, some
guy who taped some bubble wrap together, stuffed it with balloons, and
stapled some paper together and called himself a gumball machine won.
Ridiculous. Quite a few people came up to us afterward and told us we
should have won. It was fun talking in English accents, though. :)
Not many people at BYU dress up for Halloween, so I feel rather
conspicuous walking around campus. I don’t care, though. It’s better
than having no one look at me at all, which is what usually happens.
My brother came over last night while we were finishing up. Now he
wishes that he’d done the same thing. So we’re going to help him get a
Slytherin costume together for the 15th. :) Now we’ll have one person
from each house in our family. I think it was the wands that really
made him want to do it.
Pics coming soon. I have to get my film developed first. :)

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