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Yay! I can blog again!

October 16th, 2002 · No Comments

Yay! I can blog again!
Yesterday, after I got home from work, I tried to upload the new
template Wolf sent me. Nothing doing: Blogger decided to give me an
HTTP 500 internal server error. All night. Argh! I tried posting a
couple of things, and changing the template, etc., but while it supposedly
let me change the template, I couldn’t publish. It also supposedly
let me post, but the posts weren’t showing up. According to the Blogger
homepage, other people were updating, but I, for some reason,
couldn’t. I was really annoyed, and, of course, I couldn’t even blog
about it! I decided to bring a disk with me today and update it from
work (bad me).
I forgot the disk.
But, it actually turns out it didn’t matter, because when I opened
Blogger up this morning, all the changes and posts I had made last
night were here, I just needed to publish. I deleted the posts, as they
were mostly “Can I post? Huh, can I?” schtuff, but my template was
intact. And I must say, it looks wonderful, Wolf. You are my hero.

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