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If I wasn’t a really

October 8th, 2002 · No Comments

If I wasn’t a really good Mormon girl, I’d be swearing right now. For
several reasons.

First, I saw James today. Ate lunch with him, in fact. I had just
gotten off work, and was walking down the stairs, telling myself that I
was going to write him an e-mail saying goodbye forever (since he
obviously isn’t even thoughtful enough to answer the e-mail I sent him
TWO MONTHS ago.) And, no, that isn’t jerky enough to hurt. It just
means he’s a little thoughtless, which I knew already. Anyway, then I
walked into the Cougareat (food court at BYU), and there he was. *$^#
he’s gorgeous.

We had a nice, friendly chat. Nothing earth shattering. When he left I
just wanted to put my head down on the table and cry. On a happier
note, Gilmore Girls and Smallville were *($& good tonight.
Smallville especially. I’ve decided there’s just something about guys
who play Clark Kent (George Reeves being an exception. Not really my
type). Christopher Reeve is a total hottie, Dean Cain still makes me
swoon, and Tom Welling is– well, you get the picture. And it’s not
really the Superman persona I’m attracted to. I mean, the spandex and
the flying and everything is great and all, but it’s always been Clark
Kent that does it to me. I remember in Lois and Clark (still my
favorite incarnation of Superman, although Smallville is wonderful
too), when Lois finally found out that Clark is Superman, he said
“Superman is what I do. Clark is who I am.” I like who he is. :)
Although I must admit I’m excited for Smallville!Clark to find out he
can fly. :)

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