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For those of you who

September 30th, 2002 · No Comments

For those of you who don’t get over to very often, I’ll post the
3 reviews I’ve gotten there so far here. I want to share my joy. :)
I am in utter love with this.
Sorry, just thought it was v. vital to my existence that i tell you the
extent of my admiration for this masterpiece.
Lol. Man, you have created something great. I loved how you tied in the
events of the past years with Ginny’s feelings, and how you made George
be the supplier of that infamous Valentine. Excellent detailing.
One critique? The beginning was a bit too lengthy, as opposed to the
almost mad rush of the later sections. It might have been better to
trim down the beginning and add on to the end.
Other wise, I’d say you’ve got a fan!!
Ta, Ruchi aka biggerstaffbunch

Here’s another one. :)
Very nicely done. I’m impressed. The style was great, there were
very few grammatical mistakes (if any), and I confess it’s WONDERFUL to
finally have something decent to read in the H/G section. Good job.
Honestly, I’ve searched for something to tell you that you could
possibly work on, but the mistakes are so few and far between that I
really can’t justify anything that I normally say.
I commend you on a job well done.

And the last :)
This story is wonderful! Err… spiffing! I’m in the process of
making a HP site, would you e-mail me if it’s okay for me to put your
story there?

Hee. I’m high on reviews. Definitely addicting.
In other news, I’ve submitted to Griffindor Tower and Fiction Alley. I
haven’t heard on either so far.

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