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I’m just trying to convince

September 18th, 2002 · No Comments

I’m just trying to convince myself that not hearing from Sugar Quill
yet is a good thing. I know that’s what everyone keeps telling me, but
I can’t help but feel nervous. I just want to know, one way or
the other. Every time I think “I got in, no problem,” I say, “but what
if they’re just REALLY busy, and haven’t gotten around to notifying us
losers yet?” Then of course, there’s the nervousness of what’s going to
happen if I do get in. What if no one reads it? What if people
read it and flame me? What if people read it and love it and beg for
more (which of course I can’t give them, because the plot bunnies just
don’t visit me :( )? I’ve decided that being a pessimist is definitely
a good plan. That way, if things turn out badly, you were right, and if
they turn out well, you’re pleasantly surprised.
Here’s hoping for a pleasant surprise.

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