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I rode in from my

July 29th, 2002 · No Comments

I rode in from my car on my Razor scooter today. It was pretty fun. I
bought the scooter last week, and it was quite the impulsive purchase,
I assure you. My sisters and I had gone to our local factory outlet
stores in search of new backpacks (my old one was 4 years old and
falling apart). After buying our chosen backpacks, we wandered– right
past a place called “Toy Liqudators.” It’s Kay-Bee Toys’ outlet store.
I wasn’t planning on going in, but then I noticed them: the Razor
scooters. Actual Razor brand, no less. I’ve been thinking about getting
one for a while, but I just couldn’t justify spending 80 or more bucks.
So I went in to look at the price: $27.95. A bargain! I bought one.
I’ve spent the last few days finding out if the scooters are legal on
campus. Rollerblading, rollerskating, and skateboarding are all
outlawed, but there’s not a word about scooters. So since I was running
late this morning, I decided to take the Razor with me and see if I
could get to work any faster. I did, although I felt a little stupid
carrying my folded-up scooter upstairs to the Humanites Workroom to
stash it for the day.
But I decided I really like riding the thing. Who knew?

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