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Today we had a fire

July 18th, 2002 · No Comments

Today we had a fire drill at the library. It was kind of nice, because
they pay us for the time we spend standing outside. It didn’t take too
long, and on the way back in I decided to take the elevator up to my
floor (I work on the 5th floor, which is actually only two floors up
from the main floor, because BYU numbers their buildings weird and the
main floor of the library is level 3. I usually take the stairs, but I
was feeling lazy, so there). When I got in, there was the strangest
sight– a large ball of yarn was sitting on the floor. And I mean a
LARGE ball of yarn. It was like someone took the entire skein and felt
the need to ball it up. I mean, what’s the point? The skein works just
as well. Anyway, when we got to the fifth floor, this old lady asked if
there was a ball of yarn in the elevator, and we told her there was.
I bought a new outfit yesterday– a really pretty skirt and a blouse.
It’s the shortest skirt I’ve owned in a very long time– probably 8
years or more. Not that it’s all that short– it’s about 3 inches past
my knees. It’s just that I don’t usually like dresses that don’t hit my
ankles. It’s a personal preference, nothing more. But lately there have
been all these pretty chiffon skirts with ruffly bottoms that are just
slightly shorter than mid-calf, and I kind of like them. I know they’ve
been in for like 3 years, but I’m only just now getting into style. I’m
slow, I know, but I have such a prejudice against shorter skirts that
it took me a while to like them. I had the same problem with capri
pants. I thought they were really ugly when they first came out. Now I
hope they stay in style for a very long time. The garments (underwear)
that we wear in our church after we’ve gone through the temple go to
our knees, and women’s shorts are MUCH shorter than that. So usually,
we just wear pants, or sometimes we try to buy men’s shorts that are
long enough. But with Capris, we never have to worry.
Anyway, I like my new skirt, even if it is short(er). But have you
noticed that the weird wrinkly-crepe peasant style is back in? I
thought that went out in the early ’90s. Maybe I should have kept my
black wrinkle skirt. :)

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