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August 7th, 2008 · No Comments

So tonight my sister and I were watching the first few minutes of Good Eats, where Alton Brown was talking about how we need to reclaim the cupcake or something like that. And neither of us could watch any more of that, because of course we started craving cupcakes, and that would have just made […]

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A tangled mess.

August 22nd, 2007 · No Comments

That is what I have managed to make out of my 100% hemp yarn. That’s what I get for thinking that I could wind it into a ball without the aid of a swift or even a chair back. It will probably take an hour to untangle. Joy. It’s a pretty color, though. A very […]

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Random Thoughts (with a few actual updates stuck in here and there)

June 22nd, 2007 · No Comments

It’s a slow day at work. I find it rather– ironic that now, where I’m working somewhere that updating my journal from work would be perfectly acceptable, I hardly ever do it. But when I was working somewhere where doing such a thing would be frowned upon, I did it all the time. Anyway. I’m […]

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*bites nails*

September 23rd, 2005 · Comments Off

Stay safe, Susan (and family!) and Christine (and family, including new baby!), and everyone else that’s in the path of Rita. I depend on hearing from you all as soon as possible after the storm passes. part time online jobs In other news, I signed up for a PremiumListener account at Audible, and I qualified […]

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Long time, no update. . .

June 2nd, 2005 · Comments Off

Sorry I didn’t post on Saturday like I said I would; it ended up being a busy day. Of course, that means I now get to type the Update O’DOOM. the blind date that wasn’t. . . much of a date, that is Well, his name was Joel, and he might have been 25, but […]

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The Book Meme

May 21st, 2005 · Comments Off

I’ve now been tagged three times for this, so I’m guessing I’d better actually answer. 1) Total number of books I’ve owned? I really don’t feel like counting, but several hundred. 2) The last book I bought? An Old Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott, on ‘s recommendation. I’m enjoying reading about the brown curly-haired […]

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Grad school *can* be fun. :P

March 3rd, 2005 · 1 Comment

In one of my classes the prof decided that rather than have a semester paper we’d do 4 smaller “Oxford style” tutorial papers; thus my verse forms in LotR and Love and Marriage in LotR papers. They’ve been fun and relatively painless; no research is actually required, which I’m not used to doing these days. […]

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February 24th, 2005 · Comments Off

So, am writing a paper about the courtly love tradition and its influence (or lack thereof) on The Lord of the Rings. Have stolen my sister’s copy of The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien (which is fascinating, must get my own copy) for such a project. Tolkien obviously looked down on the rituals of courtly love– […]

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