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January 14th, 2010 · No Comments

I love random entries, don’t you?

Today is my brother’s (and sister-in-law’s) 5th wedding anniversary. Which is both awesome and CRAZY. It’s gone so fast! We’re babysitting the girls while they go out to dinner. Right now there’s some intense negotiations going on as to whether we’re going to watch “Lulan” (Mulan), which Molly wants, or “The Doggie Show” (101 Dalmations), which Anna wants. Since Anna got to watch Snow White the last time they were here, I think Molly’s going to win. Which is okay with me, because when we watch Mulan Molly sings along. She doesn’t know what half the words mean, but she sings them anyway, and it’s SUPER ADORABLE.

I have a Grumpy plushie that I brought upstairs when we watched Snow White the other night, and Anna does NOT like it. She says it scares her. I told her that I’ll buy a Dopey next time we go to Disneyland. That made her happier.

Which is at the end of February. Our going to Disneyland, that is. The whole fam damnly, including my Grandma By, is going. We’re getting two timeshare units through my brother-in-law’s brother and spending 5 days in the parks. It will be the last use of the Annual Passports that my sister and I bought last March. 4 trips with them, not a bad deal. I’m super excited to share one of my favorite places with my favorite nieces and nephew. The girls meeting the princesses, Thomas meeting Mater and McQueen– it’s going to be so fun. And my dad’s coming, and I’ve wanted to get him on Soarin’ Over California since the minute I rode it. We’re driving down on Saturday, taking Sunday to let the kids recover from the trip, then heading to the parks for the week before driving back the next Saturday. Can’t wait.

I’ve recently been obsessed with sunflower seeds and guyere cheese. Not together, of course. :P Reduced salt sunflower seeds, still in the shells. Guyere cheese with nice crusty bread. Mmmm.

I’m taking a Wilton fondant and gumpaste class, mostly for my sister, who desperately wanted to take it and couldn’t unless two more people signed up so the class would carry. Tomorrow will be the first time that I actually work with the fondant, and I’m kind of excited. Also nervous, seeing as how I never took the basic Wilton class. :P

I’ve had my Nook since Dec. 23, and I am LOVING it. The first book I read on it was Pride and Prejudice, of course. Right now I’m working my way through Right Ho, Jeeves, which is, of course, hilarious. I’m loving all the free books I can get for it, and that it doesn’t cause eye strain, and just how gosh darn cool it is. I have named it Tom, and I’ll give House Points to whoever can tell me why. :P

I’ve been knitting a bit more lately, what with all this free time and all. I’m knitting some fingerless mitts for the Disneyland trip– we bought yarn for each of us ladies who are going and are making the same pattern. I’m doing mine right now, then will knit some for my grandma and mom (since they don’t knit). I also got some yarn to make mini versions for the litle girlies. Hopefully I’ll have enough time to make some for they guys and the little man, too. I’ve got yarn for Thomas already. I’m also planning on doing the Ravelympics– where you cast on for a project during the Olympics opening ceremonies, and cast of during the closing ceremonies. I’ve joined TeamUtah, and the team decided to knit only patterns by Utah designers. So that’s fun.

I also signed up for a mystery Knit-a-Long. The idea is that you sign up, buy yarn, and get a clue every couple of weeks. You knit the clue, then get the next clue, etc., etc., and at the end you have a gorgeous shawl! Except, of course, that you don’t know what you’re going to end up with before you start. This particular shawl is called “Evenstar,” and it’s based, of course, on LotR. I figured what better way to celebrate finishing my LotR thesis than knitting a LotR-themed shawl? With gorgeous silver silk laceweight yarn, of course.

I cleaned my room! Can you believe it? My carpet is, indeed, a cream color. I still need to do quite a bit of destashing and organizing, but Progress Is Being Made, which is always good. Next week I’m going to clean of my desk, so I can move it out of the room and set up the new desk I bought back in July. Which will make my mom happy, since the box with the desk in it has been taking up space in her fruit room since, you know, July. :P

Shows I’m loving currently: Leverage, Lark Rise to Candleford, The Mentalist, and NCIS. Last movie I saw in the theatres: Sherlock Holmes, which I adored and which I want to see again. Also rereading the whole HP series, and am on PoA. Love those books.

I am on Twitter and Facebook, if anyone’s interested. Facebook is my real name, Twitter username is same as on Live Journal.

Time for some sunflower seeds, as I’m currently out of guyere. :P

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