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Things are actually going sort of well. Amazing!

December 3rd, 2008 · No Comments

So, what has been good lately?

A) I’ve felt a bit more urgency to get my thesis done, and have made a (little) bit of progress. My main motivation? I have banned myself from reading any books that I have not already read (unless it’s thesis-related) until it’s done. This means no Beedle the Bard for me. No River Secrets (which I bought the other day but haven’t gotten to yet). If I’ve never read it, it’s out. (Of course, this means that the several hundred books I’ve already read are still fair game, but you can only read Pride and Prejudice and Memory so many times before you start to want something new. So.)

2) I filled my car up for under $15 yesterday. That is INSANE.

C) I’ve been bringing my Doctor Who DVDs to work with me to watch/listen to while I push papers around. Makes my job so much more enjoyable. :D

IV) Speaking of work, I got a fun reward today. My bosses were so impressed with the excellent job I did on open enrollment (Kathy said they’d never had one go so smoothly) that they gave me 4 tickets to Friday night’s Jazz game! And these are primo seats, too– not first row, but lower bowl, high face-value tickets. I’ve never been to a Jazz game before, so I’m quite excited about it. :)

E) My parents, in an effort to help me get more sleep (I had a really bad time for a couple of weeks, when I was stressed with open enrollment, but, as you all well know, I haven’t felt properly awake since at least 2000) spent a, frankly, obscene amount of money to buy me a new mattress. It’s an Intellibed, and it arrived today. I’ll try it out tonight and see if it helps at all. I’m cautiously optimistic– my aunt and uncle bought an Intellibed a few years ago and adore it– but I’ll have to give you an update after I’ve slept on it for a while. I’m excited, though. :)

6) When I came home from work, I found a package waiting for me from my friend Katy, containing an early Christmas present– a Basil the Basilisk! It’s ADORABLE, and I luves him, and he’s currently curled around my neck. :) THANKS!!

Now, to finish cleaning up all the scattered books and yarn in my room so we can move my mattress onto my bed. . .

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