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June 6th, 2008 · No Comments

So Wednesday was my birthday. It was good. There was lunch at Tucano’s (a Brazilian steakhouse) and yarn shopping and other shopping and See’s chocolate and Backer’s Bakery cake and Litza’s pizza. I bought enough yarn to make a sweater. I finished knitting a Dalek. I watched Doctor Who.

And my sister got a phone call from human resources at her work, asking if she’d thought about applying for the Administrative Assistant position. She said no, she hadn’t really thought about it, because she liked her job very well. And then she hung up and told us (we were shopping) what the call was about, and I said “. . . I need a job, Lisa.” :P She hadn’t even thought of it. So she called them back and said that while she didn’t need the job, her older sister did. And Kathy (the human resources person) asked if I could come in for an interview yesterday.

Of course I could!

So after I opened the Sonic Screwdriver that Pam, Susan, and Rachel sent me for my birthday (yay!), I went in for the interview. And she seemed very impressed.

And then I came home and proceeded to get very nervous. You know, the longer you have to wait, the more you start second-guessing yourself– did the interview really go as well as I thought? Will someone else wow her more than I did? Did I seem overeager? GAH! I was good for absolutely nothing today.

And at 4:30, I got the call. Offering me the job.


So. I’m now working at Jordan Commons, as an admin assistant for the human resources department. I’m earning $2 more an hour than I was at New Life. I get to go to movies for free (even in the “no passes or discounts” period). I’ll have benefits and paid holidays and sick leave. I start Monday.


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