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What a leap day.

February 29th, 2008 · No Comments

Today at work has been– interesting. We’ve all moved past the shock of coming in and hearing “We’re closing. As of now. As soon as we can get the patients moved out. Friday, hopefully. Monday at the latest.” We’ve done the depression and the anger and the sadness, and now we’re all just kind of– making the best of the situation in which we find ourselves. Most people wore jeans today (strictly against the dress code). They’re cleaning out their offices. They’re joking and laughing and talking about where they might go next. I brought Pride and Prejudice with me and am sitting with my feet on my desk when I’m not answering calls. And we are still getting calls– we’ve got at least 3 patients that we’re trying to transfer to another facility here in the state, plus all the vendors and insurance companies and other folks who we work with and who are trying to figure out the situation. One guy who works with one of the local insurance companies chatted with me a while, saying how sorry he was about this all (because we really are a very valuable resource here in Salt Lake, and, indeed, for the country as a whole– it’s not like we’re not needed, or couldn’t turn a profit if we tried hard. Our owners just gave up, is what it amounts to), and saying that I’ve always been friendly and competent and his company has lots of openings.

The company is really doing precious little for us. No severance packages. It’s even kind of up in the air as to whether our accrued vacation/sick leave will be paid out (it’d better. I’ve got at least a week’s worth of paid leave sitting there). The best they’re doing is allowing the 16 employees who are on the company benefit plan to work one full-time shift in the month of March, thereby extending our coverage until the end of March instead of having it end today. So I’ll be working on Monday, probably, as my very last day here. Unfortunately COBRA isn’t an option, since our company will no longer exist as an entity. So people are kind of taking their severance as they can find it. I think the plan right now is to raid the marketing closet for New Life-branded stuff (which won’t be of any use to anyone. They’ll just have to throw it out). I think I might snag one of the little keychain flashlight thingies. I’ve already got a water bottle, and I don’t particularly want an apron. I feel worst for our head dietitian, whose husband is still in school and who just found out she’s pregnant.

I was too depressed last night to actually update my resume, but I have done a bit of job searching. Luckily I now have a year of experience under my belt (I just got a $.40 an hour raise with my annual review) and therefore qualify for some of the better receptionist jobs. Many of them pay anywhere from slightly more to significantly more than I’m currently making. So this may end up being a positive move. It sure doesn’t feel like it at the moment, though. I liked my job. I liked the people I worked with. I especially liked that we were actually helping people, rather than just selling things to people that they don’t really need. And I really hate searching for jobs. I wish I had my brother’s luck. Great jobs just tend to fall in his lap. I do have the advantage of being in Utah, at least, where the economy is still pretty strong and unemployment still pretty low. There’s lots of jobs out there. I just need to land one.

Because the company is closing, we’re all eligible for unemployment. I haven’t quite decided if I want to file yet. According to the calculator, I’d only get about $175 a week, which is better than nothing, I suppose. But doing all the paperwork and such seems like such a hassle. More trouble than it’s worth, almost. I can’t see that I have a time limit as to when I have to file after losing my job, so I might just start the job search. If nothing turns up after a couple of weeks, I’ll file.

I’m planning on doing my taxes tomorrow and e-filing, so I can get my refund quickly. It should be a goodly amount, which will at least help me pay my minimum payments on my credit card (luckily I only have one with a balance at this point) and my student loan, until I can get a job. And I do have a bit of money in my savings account, so I’m not left completely high and dry financially, at least.

And if my job search extends for some time, or if I have to wait for 90 days or something before the benefits kick in, I can at least go back on BYU insurance. No prescription benefit, but it’s better than nothing. BYU requires that all students have health insurance, anyway. And I’m still technically a student.

Anyway. Happy birthday to my uncle Kevin, who I believe is turning 13 this leap year. He’s the only person I know who is younger than all of his kids. :P Also happy half-birthday to Jen, ’cause I know she looks forward to those. :P

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