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August 30th, 2007 · No Comments

I’ve decided who my Most Hated Artist Played By KOSY is. This was not an easy decision. Even the groups/artists I like get played too much (I hear at least four Carpenters songs a day, and they only play about 8 different ones, so it gets old). But there are several artists that I just do. not. like. And these are the ones they seem to play the most. Elton John is one. Rod Stewart is another. Celine Dion I like sometimes, but most of the songs they play are the ones I really DON’T like. But there’s one who irritates me more than any of the above.

Phil Collins.

Seriously, why did this guy do so many cover songs? And his original songs are even worse! I’ve been here since 8. It is now 11:15. And I’ve heard Phil Collins three times already.


Anyway. A couple of weeks ago, our IT guy at work came and stole my fax machine/printer. The nurses station needed it. He said I’d get it back after the weekend, but I didn’t. This was highly inconvenient. But then, last Friday, I got a brand-new HP OfficeJet Pro L7680 all-in-one printer/copier/scanner/fax. ‘Tis very pretty, and it works SO much better than my old one. I was really giddy about it until I realized how lame it was to be giddy over office equipment. Then I was just mildly pleased. ;)

I’m much more than mildly pleased over something else, though. I mentioned Ravelry in my last (real) post. Well, one of the cool things on Ravelry is the ability to search by knitting pattern, and see who else has done that pattern and how it turned out. Each pattern has a page with a featured photo. A couple of days ago, I got a message that two of my projects had been selected to be the featured photo for that pattern! It made me very happy. Of course, it helped that only two other people had made Snaps and only one had made Flaps (I actually had to add the pattern to the site; someone else then said they’d made it, but that person hadn’t posted a picture at all), but hey, a featured photo is a featured photo. I was quite chuffed about it.

I get Labor Day off! Thank heaven. I’m dearly in need of a break. BYU’s semester officially starts on Tuesday, but I’m not taking any classes, which feels odd. I am registered for two thesis hours, though, which is the minimum hours required for the semester you graduate. Yes, I’m still hoping against hope that I can finish my thesis in time for December graduation. It may take a miracle. But miracles do happen sometimes.

Gah. They just played Elton John. Maybe it’s a tie after all. . .

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