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It’s June, and I’m OLD.

June 5th, 2006 · No Comments

Dude. 26. That’s ancient! I’ve been able to drive for TEN YEARS. That’s CRAZY. So old. And I went from being 52 to being double unlucky (13 x 2=26), which can’t be a good thing. Looking forward to next year, when I’ll be cubed (33=27), which won’t happen again until I’m 64. And 26 means I no longer qualify for my dad’s medical insurance, so I need to try to get it through BYU. Dran.

And I blame almost that entire last paragraph on my brother, who started finding special mathematical properties for ages back when he turned 22 (divisible by 11!), and has been doing it ever since.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone. It’s so much fun to come online and see how many people remember me. It makes me feel guilty for being such a GBP slacker the last little while. Must do better at that.

I did well for my birthday. Got money from my parents to go towards my digital camera (yay!), $5 from my maternal grandparents (they’re so cute), a coconut lime verbena wallflower air freshener from Laura and Ben (yummy!), a $15 gift certificate to the Black Sheep Wool Company from Ben and Amanda (new yarn! Whoot!), and a new copy of Pride and Prejudice (the little mini hardback from Barnes and Noble, which I love and have wanted forever but haven’t been able to justify buying, seeing as I have twelve copies of that book already :P) and a cute bookmark from Lisa. Today I got a card from Nicole containing “good for one ticket to Keane, June 21″ and some adorable pics of her, her husband, and her daughter. And on Friday, I got a package from Pam, Rachel, and Susan containing (YAY!!) a Jane Austen Action Figure! I feel so loved. :D My grandparents, aunt, and assorted siblings came over yesterday for a spaghetti dinner with homemade breadsticks and Backer’s chocolate cake with raspberry filling. Mmmm.

As for my haircut– it is very cute, but I haven’t liked any of the pictures taken of it so far (save for, ironically, my new driver’s license photo), so you’ll have to wait till I’m satisfied. :P I need to get one soon, though, because I’d like to send one in to Lumos for the yearbook they’re putting together.

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