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I need to update more, don’t I?

February 3rd, 2006 · No Comments

The TA thing is going good. I gave a presentation in the class on Tuesday on the Gothic novel (they’re reading Frankenstein). Keats is up next, yay! I like Keats.

We’re reading Byron in romantic lit. I’ve decided that I’m not particularly thrilled with Byron when he’s being sterotypically Byronic. I much prefer him in his satiric moods. Maybe it’s all the House I’ve been watching lately. Or not. I’ve always loved the snark. Anyway, Childe Harold’s Pilmgrimage? Meh. The Vision of Judgement? Oh yeah, baby.

I’ve been looking at the University of Colorado-Boulder as a possible place to do my doctorate. They’ve got a great romanticism program, apparently. And it wouldn’t be too far away, and the climate agrees with me (being pretty much comparable to where I am now). I wonder if I’ve got a chance at making it in? Hmm. In any case, I’m going to have to study for the GRE Literature subject test. Blah.

I got a phone call yesterday from the guy who heads the Center for the Study of Europe at BYU. Apparently my theory discourse prof from spring term recommended me to help them put out a newsletter. I’m seriously considering taking it on, even though I already have too darn much to do. It’d only be another 3-5 hours a week, and I think I’d like it better than the rewriting project, which probably won’t last much longer anyway. I think I could do it if I exercised more self-discipline than I am currently. I told him I’d let him know on Monday, though.

My fellow Mormons will understand this one: I’ve been asked to speak in Stake Conference in two weeks. The general session. As the first speaker. The topic is “Faith in Jesus Christ.” Gah.

I’m liking the new Leaky design, except for the extra clicks necessary to read the full news items. I suppose I’ll get used to that. In all other ways it’s beautiful and cool– although the Harry portrait in the corner creeps me out a bit.

I’m fully satisfied with the OoTP casting we’ve seen thus far. Isn’t Evanna Lynch absolutely perfect? And I adore the fact that she’s a die-hard HP fan. She’ll be a wonderful Luna. Can’t wait to see her in radish earrings. First glance on all the other roles gets me a thumbs-up, too. I like the girl they picked for Tonks, and Imelda Staunton is absolutley inspired.

I’m getting anxious about Lumos presentations, even though I know they’ll probably come out closer to the end of the month than the beginning. Grr. We need to get arrangements finalized for our Shakespeare trip, too. Anyone else want to accompany me, Jen, Pam, and maybe Katrina to the Utah Shakespearean Festival from July 24-26? It’ll be awesome!

On a related note, my sister-in-law’s due date is currently July 31. It would royally suck if she had the baby while I’m in Vegas. Hope for an early delivery!

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